MHT Volunteer Information

Volunteers needed:

  • Event Set up: Friday September 20

  • USEA Horse Trial: Saturday September 21

  • Starter Horse Trial & Combined Test: Sunday September 22

  • Starter Horse Trial: Sunday September 29


1. Eventing Volunteers:

Pick from "Event Days" to see jobs available on each day.

2. Complete the form below or email Emily at 


Each year, MHT requires approximately 100 volunteers to host a successful horse trial!  Jobs available include, for example:

  • Cross Country Jump Judge

  • Dressage Steward

  • Dressage Scribe

  • Show Jumping Steward

  • Show Jumping Crew


  MHT also requires extensive help before and after the event, for example:

  • Routine maintenance of Rosaryville Park

  • Cross Country Course Decorations

  • Dressage Ring Set-up/Take-down

  • Show Jumping Set-up/Take-down


Marlborough Horse Trials is a non-profit organization and your support is greatly appreciated by the MHT Board, horses, and riders of its event and other activities, and all those who enjoy the beauty of Rosaryville Park year round!


We need your help!  Join the best volunteers in eventing right here!


Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to sign up to volunteer

or email

Dressage Volunteers

The Dressage phase of an eventing competition is the first phase and requires many volunteers.  We are always in need of help setting up, running the show, and taking the rings down. Some of the jobs, and experience required, are listed below.  Look below the list and also find a helpful video for ring stewards. 


Ring Set up and take down: No experience necessary. We set the rings on the day before competition begins and take them down on the last day after the last ride.  It's easy and no experience is necessary.  It requires mild physical labor as the ring pieces are light weight.  We will provide experienced guidance on setting up and taking down the rings.


Bit Check:  Some very basic knowledge of bits required.  We will provide rules, bit charts, and gloves.  You must be comfortable with horses and reaching into the sides of their mouths.  No physical labor required other than standing while checking bits.


Dressage Scribe: Experience required.  Must be familiar with Dressage terminology and how to scribe with neat and legible hand-writing.  Accuracy is very important.  Scribes are required to sit with the Dressage Judge unless on break and must stay until the last rider test is completed and signed by the judge.


Ring-Steward:  No experience necessary.  Ring Stewards are responsible to keep the Dressage riders informed of their time to go into the ring and ensure riders go in the proper sequence.  They keep an orderly flow and ensure riders are on time for their ride times.  No hard labor, but requires a lot of standing and walking.


Warm-up Steward:  No experience necessary.  Checks riders into warm-up and assists in ensuring judges and officials are aware of late riders, scratches, withdrawals, etc..  Coordinate with the show secretary if a rider does not show up with in 10 minutes of their ride time.

Show Jumping

Easy and no experience necessary

Volunteer positions for Stadium include Timers, Warm-up Stewards, and, most importantly, jump crew.  The jump crew helps reset the fences in between divisions and resets fallen rails during the competition. 

We'll provide you with a thorough explanation of duties, a free XC schooling pass, lunch, a gift, and spectacular views.  This  important job is easy to learn and you can have fun watching the riders and being right next to the action.  Moderate physical labor for jump crew, but it is fairly intermittent.  Bring a chair and sit rig side to enjoy the day and watching all the riders on course.


Cross-Country Jump Judging is easy and no experience is necessary!We'll provide you with a thorough explanation of duties, a free XC schooling pass, lunch, a gift, and spectacular views.  This is one of the easiest volunteer jobs and one of the most important.  No physical labor and you can even sit back in a chair and enjoy the day while providing a most valuable service to the horse trials.


We also need timers and score collectors and both are easy to do. Enjoy this brief video on the basic duties of a cross-country jump judge.


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