Volunteers needed! Please follow the link below to sign up through Eventing Volunteers. 

September 16, 2022- Prep Day- Sign up here

September 17, 2022- USEA Recognized Horse Trials- Sign up here

September 25, 2022- Unrecognized Starter Horse Trials- Sign up here

Questions? Please email mhtvolunteer@gmail.com


Each year, MHT requires approximately 100 volunteers to host a successful horse trial!  Jobs available include, for example:

  • Cross Country Jump Judge

  • Dressage Steward

  • Dressage Scribe

  • Show Jumping Steward

  • Show Jumping Crew


  MHT also requires extensive help before and after the event, for example:

  • Routine maintenance of Rosaryville Park

  • Cross Country Course Decorations

  • Dressage Ring Set-up/Take-down

  • Show Jumping Set-up/Take-down


Marlborough Horse Trials is a non-profit organization and your support is greatly appreciated by the MHT Board, horses, and riders of its event and other activities, and all those who enjoy the beauty of Rosaryville Park year round!


We need your help!  Join the best volunteers in eventing right here!


Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to sign up to volunteer

or email MHTvolunteer@gmail.com